Clearing the Decks for the New Year

Happy New Year. I hope 2018 will be a great year for you and yours.

Did you make resolutions? I would tell you mine, but I don’t really have any. Instead, I’m focusing on clearing the decks and making a fresh start on goals I’ve had for some time.

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Thank You to Infinity (and What About that Cream of Wheat Box?)

I am honored that my friends at the Zero Aggression Project liked my blog post about them enough to republish it on their site, with my enthusiastic permission. Thanks, guys.

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Recommended: Lou Reads the Internet for You (Podcast)

Be warned: The podcast I’m recommending here isn’t normal. It will likely appeal only to people who aren’t quite right in the head themselves. I’m fascinated by it.

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Fighting Climate Change through Politics: The History Is Settled

The War on Drugs. The War on Poverty. The War on Terror.

You might have noticed that despite the trillions spent, the intrusive bureaucracies created, and the human lives wasted — through imprisonment, dependency or violent death (including much spilling of innocent blood) — those problems still persist. In some respects they’ve worsened.

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Ultimate eBook Creator Now Available via Amazon

I’ve sung the praises before of Ultimate eBook Creator, the software tool I use to format my Kindle ebooks. Nitin Mistry, UEC’s developer, informs me that the program can now be purchased through Amazon as a digital download.

See UEC on Amazon. It is also still available directly from the developer.

Just A Dog: An Update

First, I want to say how appreciative I am for the kind messages people have sent me and my family in regard to our dog, Kasey (see Just A Dog). I’m also incredibly touched by the generosity of friends and even strangers who’ve chipped in to help us as we pursue treatment for her. I thank you all, and be assured that if I have your name and contact info I will be sending you my personal thanks as well.

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Sex Scandals, Ric Flair’s 10,000 Women, and the Little Matter of Consent

In an ESPN documentary, professional wrestler Ric Flair claims to have slept with more than 10,000 women. As far as I know, no one is calling for his head over this or demanding his arrest for sexual assault.

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Just A Dog

My daughter is driving home from college this evening so she can spend some time with our dog, Kasey. My wife is cutting short her weekend trip — I had planned to go with her, but chose not to — for the same reason.

Two days ago Kasey was diagnosed with lymphoma.

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