Pifflesnoot: Why?

Welcome to Pifflesnoot, aka Steve Smith (that’s me).

This will be my place for publishing commentary, personal news, and perhaps some long-form writing, touching on whatever interests me or seizes my attention in the moment. Much of it, I’m sure, will be along the lines of what I used to post on Facebook (more on that later).

“Pifflesnoot?” That’s an affectionate nickname I came up with for my dog. Being that it’s impossible to find an available domain name containing any reasonable variation of the name “Steve Smith,” “Stephen Smith,” etc., I decided simply to register Pifflesnoot and use that as my blog title/brand, too. With luck it may turn out to be as memorable as it is nonsensical.

This is not my first blog. However, with the ones I attempted in the past, I ended up spending way too much time futzing with appearance and playing around with plugins and other shiny objects, instead of writing. With a bit of discipline, I hope to avoid getting stuck in that particular loop this time around. The downside (if it is one) is that Pifflesnoot will likely remain a rather plain-vanilla project — just me and my words. If splashed-out pages and spinning gadgets are your thing, sorry to disappoint.

Meanwhile: Hello, world!