What’s this Blog About, Anyway?

Is this a political blog? A health blog? A business blog (my business being writing, editing and publishing)? Is it just a place for me to talk about my hobbies and current obsessions?

It’s likely to end up being all of those things, and more, and this presents a difficulty. Assuming that Pifflesnoot manages to attract an audience, I know that people who end up coming here for my political commentary, for instance (how’s that for optimism?), may not be interested in my dietary and workout regimen, or in a discussion of ebook publishing.

So, I’m going to lean heavily on post categories to create what I’m thinking of as virtual blogs. Using the ┬álist in my sidebar, you’ll be able to see just my political posts, or just my health-related posts, etc. The trick will be getting visitors to use those categories to filter the type of material they’re actually interested in so as not to be put off or bored to tears by the rest.

At the same time, I won’t multiply categories indiscriminately. I’m thinking a dozen or so, at most, should cover it. Right now I have the following categories ready to go. Some of them overlap, and I’ll probably change some as I go along, but for now I think these constitute a pretty good organizational scheme:

  • Body & Mind – Health, diet, fitness, antiaging
  • Commentary – On politics, culture, hot controversies
  • Enthusiasms – Whatever hobbies, niche interests or intellectual byways are obsessing me in the moment
  • Miscellaneous Grousings – Rants, basically
  • Personal
  • Publishing
  • Recommended – My recommendations of websites, other blogs, books, podcasts, etc.
  • This Blog – Housekeeping stuff
  • Voluntaryism – Politics, but with an emphasis on the particular lens through which I view it; solutions rooted in non-aggression

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