When I was setting up Pifflesnoot, I considered adding a blogroll or list of favorite links to my sidebar. Then I decided, no, it would probably end up being too long and too random. Instead, I’ll post occasional recommendations of people and sites I think at least some of my visitors might like. (I’ll assign them to my “Recommended” category, so you can still get a blogroll-type experience if you want by clicking that category in the sidebar.)

First up is, a blog belonging to a fellow named, you guessed it, David McElroy.

David and I crossed political paths years ago in Birmingham, Alabama, then we reconnected on Facebook and he became one of my favorite friends there. He’s a smart writer, with views in some areas, notably politics, that align near perfectly with mine. I’ve noticed that his blog posts — essays, really — have become increasingly less political as far as their topics, and that’s fine. He writes of life, in a personal way and with an honesty that many of his readers find deeply moving.

David’s blog is what inspired me to start this one (that and being knocked off Facebook). I like everything about it, from the tone of his writing to the look of his page. There’s no way I would or could copy it, of course, and I expect that Pifflesnoot will be a different sort of beast. I’m happy to acknowledge its influence on me, though, and to recommend it.