Recommended: Learn French with Frencheezee (YouTube)

Lately I’ve become interested in learning French, or at least becoming more familiar with it. I don’t have great hopes that I’ll ever actually speak it, considering that I can’t speak Spanish, other than tourist variety, after years of studying that language. But I figure at a minimum I can pick up some French vocabulary, learn pronunciation, and maybe work out how to string together basic sentences.

I haven’t found anyone I’d rather learn French from than Cindy (last name not known), whose YouTube channel is Learn French with Frencheezee.


Cindy has around a hundred free video lessons posted at this time, with a new one every week. She’s engaging, often funny and — is it okay for me to say this? — adorable. I’ve been watching her videos covering basic words and phrases, but she also has lessons going more deeply into grammar and other advanced topics. I think one could actually learn quite a lot of French here.

She has a Patreon site, too, with extra video lessons and help for people who donate to help her realize her dream of becoming a full-time teacher of French.

Bonne chance à vous, Cindy. (Hope I said that right.)