Voting Matters, So I Don’t Do It

A group called Democracy North Carolina analyzed this state’s 2015 municipal elections, and determined that 31 were decided by a single vote. There were also some ties. “Your vote matters,” is the lesson drawn, to quote the Raleigh News & Observer’s headline.

Recommended: The Tom Woods Show (Podcast)

I’m subscribed to more than a hundred podcasts, but only three or four are explicitly libertarian ones. Most of the ones I’ve sampled are simply too unfocused, sloppily produced or even juvenile for my tastes. The Tom Woods Show is a happy exception to the general run of such podcasts.

Recommended: Nonosserie Nonosserie (YouTube)

One of my enthusiasms is French pop music from the 1960s. Does that sound a tad eccentric? All I can say is that from the time I discovered the phenomenon of the yé-yé girl, I was hooked.

Excuse Me, but ‘We’ Are Not in Niger

I ran into an acquaintance at the store and we started talking about current events. “Did you know we’re in Niger?” he asked at one point. If I didn’t know better, I would have worried about his mental state. There we were, standing in the produce aisle of a supermarket in the middle of North […]

Seven Wrong Reasons to Cut Taxes, One Terrible One, and One Correct One

People who argue for cutting taxes usually do so for the wrong reasons. If you view taxes as a moral issue, which I do, then there is only one correct reason for cutting taxes or, preferably, eliminating them entirely.

Catalonia, California and the Problem with Secession

Californians who are pushing for that state to secede from the U.S. are drawing fresh inspiration from events in Spain and the effort by Catalans to break away and form an independent Catalonian republic (according to an article I saw). As a general proposition I support secession, wherever it occurs or is proposed. The problem […]

Recommended: Oh No Ross & Carrie (Podcast)

In the past year or so I’ve become a huge podcast devotee. At the moment I’m subscribed to about a hundred different ones. They’re great for listening to on my iPhone when I’m exercising, unwinding in bed or — especially — making a long drive somewhere. I like all of my subscribed podcasts (obviously, else […]

Vintage Newspapers: Untapped Source for E-book Publishers (Part 3)

I’ve been writing about mining old newspapers in the public domain for content for e-books. (Part 1 – Part 2) Those papers constitute a virtually untapped and free-to-use trove of weird news, forgotten history and even the occasional piece of good literature.