Among those whose voices I genuinely miss from my Facebook days is Dave Shellenberger’s. (See Facebook’s Stupidity Brought Me Here for why I’m no longer on FB.)

I didn’t know Dave, or even know of him, before we somehow connected on social media. I’m glad we did. I looked forward to his comments on events of the day. Of course, they tended to match my own thoughts, but it was more than that. His crispness of style — he could make a powerful point using but a single sentence — was something to envy and emulate.

Mostly, he communicated the pro-liberty and anti-state message that is dear to my heart. But he had other, diverse interests, which he also frequently commented upon. I remember particularly his concern for the plight of the Rohingya people of Burma. He was a strong advocate for carnivore protection, as well. (“A Voice for Freedom”) is a repository of Dave’s writing. The essay “Trump Is Not My President” offers a good example of his succinct style as well as his wide-scope understanding of politics. If only the partisans in the current culture wars would read it and could grasp the point he is making!

“The mob cannot bestow enlightenment on the ignorant nor legitimacy on the illegitimate. And all politicians are illegitimate.” ~ Dave Shellenberger

I like that.