Recommended: Oh No Ross & Carrie (Podcast)

In the past year or so I’ve become a huge podcast devotee. At the moment I’m subscribed to about a hundred different ones. They’re great for listening to on my iPhone when I’m exercising, unwinding in bed or — especially — making a long drive somewhere.

I like all of my subscribed podcasts (obviously, else I’d unsub them), but only a few have gone onto my elite “favorites” list. These are the ones I want to hear immediately when a new episode drops.  Oh No Ross and Carrie is one of those.

Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy are skeptics* who attend conferences and other events in the paranormal and pseudoscience realms (“We show up so you don’t have to”) and then report on them.

They are not dour debunkers, though. They don’t confront people in an ugly way, or call them idiots to their faces. Going undercover (as it were) they genuinely seem to have a lot of fun at these events, saving their mocking for later. Even that is good humored, mostly.

While picking apart claims of alien abductions and Bigfoot sightings, they excel at conveying the full flavor of the events they attend and the personalities (strange or otherwise) of the people they meet. They’re funny, too, and their shows sparkle with intelligence and wit.

A good example of what they do is their seven-part(!) series on an alien contact festival they recently attended in southern California. You can listen to the first episode here.

Oh No Ross & Carrie is a different kind of skeptics’ show from anything you’re likely to have heard. I recommend it for its high entertainment value.

*Update (Oct. 12): I received a very nice email from Carrie Poppy thanking me for this post. She also noted that she actually hates the word “skeptic” (I didn’t know). I’m happy to clarify that, for the record.