Seven Wrong Reasons to Cut Taxes, One Terrible One, and One Correct One

People who argue for cutting taxes usually do so for the wrong reasons. If you view taxes as a moral issue, which I do, then there is only one correct reason for cutting taxes or, preferably, eliminating them entirely.

Wrong reasons:

  1. To “grow” the economy
  2. So businesses can create more jobs
  3. To give an incentive for companies to bring factories home from overseas
  4. So the rich can buy more stuff and help the middle class and poor who make the stuff
  5. To help struggling workers stretch their paychecks
  6. To simplify the tax code and make it easier to file taxes
  7. To force the government to live within its means*

* <Chortle>

Terrible reason:

So the government can take in more money (see: Laffer Curve)

The correct reason:

Taxes are money that is stolen or extorted from its rightful possessors. Cut taxes to reduce the robbery. Eliminate them to stop the robbery.