Amazon Updates Its Kindle Reading App

As a publisher of e-books, I find the Kindle reading app a useful part of my tool bag. Although I also own a dedicated Kindle device (a Paperwhite), having the reading app on my laptop gives me a quick way to check my newly published books for any errors that escaped my eye in the editing process (see Publishing Tools I Use: Kindle Reading App).

Today when I logged in to download and read one of my own books I saw that Amazon is promoting a brand new version of the app. The version for PC doesn’t seem a whole lot different from the earlier iteration, although I haven’t had time to play with it much. However, the new app for phones and tablets appears to be a huge step forward in terms of functionality. Bringing such features as page flip to those platforms, it offers the experience of a dedicated e-reader on any mobile device.

The app is free. You can read more about the new version here.