Formatting Kindle Books with Word Just Got Easier (Maybe)

posted before about formatting a Kindle e-book with Microsoft Word. Many indie authors and publishers do it, but just as many find it too confusing a process. Or, they find the final result to be unsatisfactory. This is my impression from reading the Kindle publishing forums, anyway.

Since then I’ve discovered that Amazon itself offers a free tool for improving Word’s capability and ease of use for formatting a Kindle book. It’s called Kindle Create Add-in for Word.

According to the download page,

With Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word (PC only), you can format your manuscript in Word and upload the finished .doc(x) file to KDP. The tool can help you format chapter titles, first paragraph drop caps, margins, headers, and page numbers. It also lets you insert formatted pages like a copyright, dedication, and table of contents page. If you want to publish an eBook and a paperback, you can upload the same .doc(x) file to KDP.

Note that this tool is still in beta as of this writing.

I haven’t tried Kindle Create Add-in for Word myself. In some of the forums where I’ve seen it mentioned, some users say it considerably streamlines formatting chores in Word. A few users have said it’s still too confusing.

If you decide to use it for your own publishing project, let me know what you think. Here’s a video that might help: How to Use Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word (Video)

I’ve also just learned about an extension for LibreOffice (formerly Open Office) for creating an ePub-formatted book file (ePub is one of the formats that Amazon’s KDP publishing tool will accept). It’s called Writer2ePub and you can check it out here.

Personally, I’m still in love with Ultimate eBook Creator as my preferred tool for formatting ebooks. It’s a paid product, but the price isn’t much for all that it can do. You can learn more about it at its website, or read my earlier review of it.