Just A Dog: An Update

First, I want to say how appreciative I am for the kind messages people have sent me and my family in regard to our dog, Kasey (see Just A Dog). I’m also incredibly touched by the generosity of friends and even strangers who’ve chipped in to help us as we pursue treatment for her. I thank you all, and be assured that if I have your name and contact info I will be sending you my personal thanks as well.

We managed to get in on Friday to see the oncologist, who laid out our treatment options. It will partly depend on lab results to tell us which kind of lymphoma Kasey has (T-cell or B-cell; one has a worse outlook than the other, apparently). The oncologist did go ahead and give her an initial chemo treatment. By Sunday (yesterday) Kasey was acting almost like her old self, which was great to see. Of course, we know this is only a temporary respite.

I’m glad our daughter was able to come home and spend a few hours with Kasey. Carter will be graduating from college soon and then going off to pursue grown-up things, with overseas volunteering, jobs and graduate school on the horizon. Even though Kasey bonded with all of us equally, we really thought of her as Carter’s dog. She has been like a four-footed sister since Carter, now 21, was in middle school.

I will provide more updates as things progress, for those who may be interested.

For now, thank you, everybody.

P.S.: I’m filing these posts about my dog under “Personal.” If you are here just for my e-book publishing discussions, or my political commentary, please check the appropriate categories as listed in the sidebar. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to “do” a blog that wanders topic-wise while not annoying visitors who come here for a specific reason. For now, encouraging use of my post categories is the best way I know.

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