Recommended: Lou Reads the Internet for You (Podcast)

Be warned: The podcast I’m recommending here isn’t normal. It will likely appeal only to people who aren’t quite right in the head themselves. I’m fascinated by it.

Lou Reads the Internet for You is exactly what it says. There’s this guy named Lou, and he reads from sites he finds on the Internet. That’s it.

Based on episodes I’ve listened to so far, he simply chooses sites with user forums and then reads different threads from those forums. Although the threads he spotlights tend toward the weird (and occasionally the disturbing), even the most mundane ones sound hilarious when read aloud.

Lou’s manner is to read them straight and without comment. Occasionally he will┬ábreak character and crack up over something he’s reading, but that’s rare.

What makes this funny for some reason is that he delivers everything in a polished radio voice. To me he sounds a lot like the late Casey Kasem of “American Top 40” fame. Imagine Casey Kasem reading an Internet forum out loud and you have the idea.

To say any more would be over-explaining.

Episodes I’ve heard so far include these three recent ones:

The Hiccup Forum (for people with hiccup fetishes)

Is It Normal? (definitely NSFW) (where a psychic’s fans discuss how great she is)