Recommended: Zero Aggression Project

Two of my favorite people from my Facebook days are Jim Babka and Perry Willis. (See here for why I’m no longer on FB.) They run the Zero Aggression Project and Downsize DC. I credit them with helping me to evolve my own voluntaryist thinking, especially in separating out the concepts of government and the […]

Publishing Tools I Use: Studio FX

Publishing an e-book is pretty easy, especially if you’re doing it on a platform such as Amazon’s KDP. Making sales is another matter. Luck plays a part, but those who’ve done it successfully will tell you you need these three other things, too: A well-written book (preferably in a popular genre) A well-written promotional blurb for […]

Amazon Updates Its Kindle Reading App

As a publisher of e-books, I find the Kindle reading app a useful part of my tool bag. Although I also own a dedicated Kindle device (a Paperwhite), having the reading app on my laptop gives me a quick way to check my newly published books for any errors that escaped my eye in the […]