Update on Kasey

I’m saddened to report that Kasey is no longer with us.

When it appeared even hospitalization and further treatment for her lymphoma would be unlikely to extend her life more than a week or so, we made the difficult decision to help her go peacefully.

I want to thank everyone who sent good wishes to our family and hopes for a better outcome. Most of all I’m humbled¬†that friends and even strangers were willing to help try to save a dog that was not their own.¬†Even without pursuing the whole chemo course, we incurred significant veterinary expenses, and the donations were greatly appreciated.

The following are further details as to why we made the decision we did.

After an initial rebound from steroid treatment (to relieve pain), Kasey began declining again, even after her first actual chemo treatment.

She had a good Thanksgiving and enjoyed the people who came to visit. But within a few days she was worse than ever, unable to move her legs and refusing most food (even her favorite, baked chicken!).

With her second chemo still a ways off, we took her to the emergency vet. The veterinarian said Kasey’s lymph nodes were extremely swollen, meaning the chemo had had no effect. Also, it sounded from her breathing that the cancer had spread to her lungs. She said they could hospitalize her and feed her intravenously, but gave odds of less than 50-50 that she would survive even then.

We had a dog die in a hospital once, in a cage, alone. We couldn’t bear the thought of that happening to Kasey. After spending nearly the whole day at the vet, discussing it as a family while crying and stroking our companion of ten years, we made the choice to euthanize.

I said above that Kasey is no longer with us. But of course she still is, in our hearts.

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