Clearing the Decks for the New Year

Happy New Year. I hope 2018 will be a great year for you and yours.

Did you make resolutions? I would tell you mine, but I don’t really have any. Instead, I’m focusing on clearing the decks and making a fresh start on goals I’ve had for some time.

I’m cleaning out clothes closets and drawers, selling or giving away stuff I don’t use or need, and even culling my book collection (yes!). It’s not easy, but I’ve become increasingly attracted to the idea of minimalism. I don’t have a ton of possessions compared to many people I know, but I’ve become weary of dragging what I do have through my life and my years. More importantly, I’m discovering that uncluttering my physical rooms helps me unclutter my mental¬† space as well.

Part of my “deck clearing” involves this blog and what I should do with it. My intention (call it a resolution if you want) is to decide exactly what purpose it should have. I want to narrow its focus — to what I’m not sure yet — while at the same time being more consistent in keeping it up. If I can’t achieve those two things, I may just shut it down.

The Pifflesnoot readership is still rather low, but I’m tremendously appreciative of the friends and acquaintances who’ve dropped by and have offered me good wishes for it. It’s nice also to see that some of my older posts continue to get a trickle of visitors via the search engines.

Thank you all. And sincerely, have a wonderful new year.