Another Fake Government Shutdown? Whatever Shall We Do?

Oh, dear! Another fake government shutdown looms. Whatever shall we do? Read more »

Fighting Climate Change through Politics: The History Is Settled

The War on Drugs. The War on Poverty. The War on Terror. You might have noticed that despite the trillions spent, the intrusive bureaucracies created, and the human lives wasted — through... Read more »

Donaldismo and the Cuba Embargo

Among the few good things Barack Obama did as president was loosening restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba. Now Donald Trump is tightening them again. Read more »

Recommended: Zero Aggression Project

Two of my favorite people from my Facebook days are Jim Babka and Perry Willis. (See here for why I’m no longer on FB.) They run the Zero Aggression Project and Downsize... Read more »

Touchy-Feely or Command and Control? How about Neither?

A story on the inaugural summit of the new Obama Foundation gave me chills, and not good ones. Read more »

Voting Matters, So I Don’t Do It

A group called Democracy North Carolina analyzed this state’s 2015 municipal elections, and determined that 31 were decided by a single vote. There were also some ties. “Your vote matters,” is the... Read more »

Recommended: The Tom Woods Show (Podcast)

I’m subscribed to more than a hundred podcasts, but only three or four are explicitly libertarian ones. Most of the ones I’ve sampled are simply too unfocused, sloppily produced or even juvenile... Read more »

Excuse Me, but ‘We’ Are Not in Niger

I ran into an acquaintance at the store and we started talking about current events. “Did you know we’re in Niger?” he asked at one point. If I didn’t know better, I... Read more »

Seven Wrong Reasons to Cut Taxes, One Terrible One, and One Correct One

People who argue for cutting taxes usually do so for the wrong reasons. If you view taxes as a moral issue, which I do, then there is only one correct reason for... Read more »

Catalonia, California and the Problem with Secession

Californians who are pushing for that state to secede from the U.S. are drawing fresh inspiration from events in Spain and the effort by Catalans to break away and form an independent... Read more »

My Plan to Give You Money

Could you use an extra $1,200 a year? Sure, we all could. Well, I have a plan … Read more »

Don’t Legalize Pot

Decriminalize it instead. Just repeal every law forbidding people from using, growing or selling it, and leave it at that.┬áLegalizing┬áhas come to mean something very different: states creating new bureaucracies to license... Read more »

‘The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes …’

Do you share my suspicion that those ten words of the Constitution were really the whole purpose of that document, and all the rest is just scaffolding and window dressing? P.S: The... Read more »

How to Get Me to Change My Political Stance

I have a point of view about politics and “government” that puts me at odds with many of my family, friends and people I meet. It’s uncomfortable. I don’t like the distance... Read more »

I’m from Alabama, and I Don’t Care about the Alabama Senate Race

To be clear, I don’t live in Alabama now. But I grew up there, in Mobile, and spent many years in Birmingham. For that reason, people assume I must take special interest... Read more »