Don’t Legalize Pot

Decriminalize it instead. Just repeal every law forbidding people from using, growing or selling it, and leave it at that.¬†Legalizing¬†has come to mean something very different: states creating new bureaucracies to license and control it, and imposing new taxes to fuel more spending on political projects. If this headline doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies, […]

‘The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes …’

Do you share my suspicion that those ten words of the Constitution were really the whole purpose of that document, and all the rest is just scaffolding and window dressing? P.S: The latest Republican tax “reform” plan is just silly tinkering (again), amounting to little more than changing out a minor gear or two in […]

How to Get Me to Change My Political Stance

I have a point of view about politics and “government” that puts me at odds with many of my family, friends and people I meet. It’s uncomfortable. I don’t like the distance it puts between me and people I care about. Of course, I would love to change their minds to bring them around to […]

I’m from Alabama, and I Don’t Care about the Alabama Senate Race

To be clear, I don’t live in Alabama now. But I grew up there, in Mobile, and spent many years in Birmingham. For that reason, people assume I must take special interest in the Senate race there. I don’t.