Ultimate eBook Creator Now Available via Amazon

I’ve sung the praises before of Ultimate eBook Creator, the software tool I use to format my Kindle ebooks. Nitin Mistry, UEC’s developer, informs me that the program can now be purchased through Amazon as a digital download. See UEC on Amazon. It is also still available directly from the developer.

Formatting Kindle Books with Word Just Got Easier (Maybe)

I posted before about formatting a Kindle e-book with Microsoft Word. Many indie authors and publishers do it, but just as many find it too confusing a process. Or, they find the final result to be unsatisfactory. This is my impression from reading the Kindle publishing forums, anyway. Since then I’ve discovered that Amazon itself offers […]

Publishing Tools I Use: Studio FX

Publishing an e-book is pretty easy, especially if you’re doing it on a platform such as Amazon’s KDP. Making sales is another matter. Luck plays a part, but those who’ve done it successfully will tell you you need these three other things, too: A well-written book (preferably in a popular genre) A well-written promotional blurb for […]

Amazon Updates Its Kindle Reading App

As a publisher of e-books, I find the Kindle reading app a useful part of my tool bag. Although I also own a dedicated Kindle device (a Paperwhite), having the reading app on my laptop gives me a quick way to check my newly published books for any errors that escaped my eye in the […]

Vintage Newspapers: Untapped Source for E-book Publishers (Part 3)

I’ve been writing about mining old newspapers in the public domain for content for e-books. (Part 1 – Part 2) Those papers constitute a virtually untapped and free-to-use trove of weird news, forgotten history and even the occasional piece of good literature.

Publishing Tools I Use: Ultimate eBook Creator

If you’ve never published a Kindle book before, you might wonder about the nuts and bolts of creating the book file itself. My advice is not to worry too much about it until you’ve actually written something.

Publishing Tools I Use: Kindle Reading App

You need very little in the way of software or other tools to publish an e-book through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. However, there’s a handful of free and paid tools, and a couple of inexpensive paid services, that I find make my work easier. One is the free Kindle Reading App.

Vintage Newspapers: Untapped Source for E-book Publishers (Part 2)

Old newspapers are a good resource for public-domain material that can be turned into e-books. I previously discussed this in a general way and showed some examples of books I and others have published on Amazon’s Kindle platform (see Part 1). Now I want to talk about the public domain a bit more and why […]

Vintage Newspapers: Untapped Source for E-book Publishers (Part 1)

Do you publish e-books? Do you want to publish an e-book? If you’re not quite up to tackling that blockbuster novel you know you have inside you, there’s a ready source of public-domain material available to you to use as content for a possible book: old newspapers.