Recommended: Lou Reads the Internet for You (Podcast)

Be warned: The podcast I’m recommending here isn’t normal. It will likely appeal only to people who aren’t quite right in the head themselves. I’m fascinated by it.

Recommended: Zero Aggression Project

Two of my favorite people from my Facebook days are Jim Babka and Perry Willis. (See here for why I’m no longer on FB.) They run the Zero Aggression Project and Downsize DC. I credit them with helping me to evolve my own voluntaryist thinking, especially in separating out the concepts of government and the […]

Recommended: The Tom Woods Show (Podcast)

I’m subscribed to more than a hundred podcasts, but only three or four are explicitly libertarian ones. Most of the ones I’ve sampled are simply too unfocused, sloppily produced or even juvenile for my tastes. The Tom Woods Show is a happy exception to the general run of such podcasts.

Recommended: Nonosserie Nonosserie (YouTube)

One of my enthusiasms is French pop music from the 1960s. Does that sound a tad eccentric? All I can say is that from the time I discovered the phenomenon of the yé-yé girl, I was hooked.

Recommended: Oh No Ross & Carrie (Podcast)

In the past year or so I’ve become a huge podcast devotee. At the moment I’m subscribed to about a hundred different ones. They’re great for listening to on my iPhone when I’m exercising, unwinding in bed or — especially — making a long drive somewhere. I like all of my subscribed podcasts (obviously, else […]

Recommended: Learn French with Frencheezee (YouTube)

Lately I’ve become interested in learning French, or at least becoming more familiar with it. I don’t have great hopes that I’ll ever actually speak it, considering that I can’t speak Spanish, other than tourist variety, after years of studying that language. But I figure at a minimum I can pick up some French vocabulary, […]


When I was setting up Pifflesnoot, I considered adding a blogroll or list of favorite links to my sidebar. Then I decided, no, it would probably end up being too long and too random. Instead, I’ll post occasional recommendations of people and sites I think at least some of my visitors might like. (I’ll assign […]