Clearing the Decks for the New Year

Happy New Year. I hope 2018 will be a great year for you and yours. Did you make resolutions? I would tell you mine, but I don’t really have any. Instead, I’m focusing on clearing the decks and making a fresh start on goals I’ve had for some time.

Contact Form Works Now

The contact form on this site works now. I say this sheepishly, after realizing a few minutes ago that I had neglected to add a working email address in the form’s “To” field. If anyone tried to message me earlier, I never got it. It’s fixed now, though — I tested it to be sure.

The Comment Door Is Open

Commenting is enabled here at Pifflesnoot, but so far I’m the only one who has left a comment (for testing purposes). If you’ve a mind to comment on anything, even to say hi, please do. It would help me to make sure all the gears on this new blog are turning. I’ve noticed that some […]

What’s this Blog About, Anyway?

Is this a political blog? A health blog? A business blog (my business being writing, editing and publishing)? Is it just a place for me to talk about my hobbies and current obsessions?

Pifflesnoot: Why?

Welcome to Pifflesnoot, aka Steve Smith (that’s me). This will be my place for publishing commentary, personal news, and perhaps some long-form writing, touching on whatever interests me or seizes my attention in the moment. Much of it, I’m sure, will be along the lines of what I used to post on Facebook (more on […]