Donaldismo and the Cuba Embargo

Among the few good things Barack Obama did as president was loosening restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba. Now Donald Trump is tightening them again.

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Formatting Kindle Books with Word Just Got Easier (Maybe)

posted before about formatting a Kindle e-book with Microsoft Word. Many indie authors and publishers do it, but just as many find it too confusing a process. Or, they find the final result to be unsatisfactory. This is my impression from reading the Kindle publishing forums, anyway.

Since then I’ve discovered that Amazon itself offers a free tool for improving Word’s capability and ease of use for formatting a Kindle book. It’s called Kindle Create Add-in for Word.

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Recommended: Zero Aggression Project

Two of my favorite people from my Facebook days are Jim Babka and Perry Willis. (See here for why I’m no longer on FB.) They run the Zero Aggression Project and Downsize DC. I credit them with helping me to evolve my own voluntaryist thinking, especially in separating out the concepts of government and the state.

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Publishing Tools I Use: Studio FX

Publishing an e-book is pretty easy, especially if you’re doing it on a platform such as Amazon’s KDP. Making sales is another matter. Luck plays a part, but those who’ve done it successfully will tell you you need these three other things, too:

  • A well-written book (preferably in a popular genre)
  • A well-written promotional blurb for your sales page
  • A cover image that grabs attention and looks as professional as possible

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Amazon Updates Its Kindle Reading App

As a publisher of e-books, I find the Kindle reading app a useful part of my tool bag. Although I also own a dedicated Kindle device (a Paperwhite), having the reading app on my laptop gives me a quick way to check my newly published books for any errors that escaped my eye in the editing process (see Publishing Tools I Use: Kindle Reading App).

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Voting Matters, So I Don’t Do It

A group called Democracy North Carolina analyzed this state’s 2015 municipal elections, and determined that 31 were decided by a single vote. There were also some ties. “Your vote matters,” is the lesson drawn, to quote the Raleigh News & Observer’s headline.

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Recommended: The Tom Woods Show (Podcast)

I’m subscribed to more than a hundred podcasts, but only three or four are explicitly libertarian ones. Most of the ones I’ve sampled are simply too unfocused, sloppily produced or even juvenile for my tastes.

The Tom Woods Show is a happy exception to the general run of such podcasts.

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