Vintage Newspapers: Untapped Source for E-book Publishers (Part 1)

Do you publish e-books? Do you want to publish an e-book? If you’re not quite up to tackling that blockbuster novel you know you have inside you, there’s a ready source of public-domain material available to you to use as content for a possible book: old newspapers.

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What’s this Blog About, Anyway?

Is this a political blog? A health blog? A business blog (my business being writing, editing and publishing)? Is it just a place for me to talk about my hobbies and current obsessions?

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Pifflesnoot: Why?

Welcome to Pifflesnoot, aka Steve Smith (that’s me).

This will be my place for publishing commentary, personal news, and perhaps some long-form writing, touching on whatever interests me or seizes my attention in the moment. Much of it, I’m sure, will be along the lines of what I used to post on Facebook (more on that later).

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